Indian Bridge Kennels and Suites, Inc.

21325 Indian Bridge Rd. California, MD 20619


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Is the kennel heated and air conditioned?
Yes, we have radiant floor heating and air conditioning. Your pet will be comfortable throughout the year.

How many times do the dogs go out each day?
The dogs go out four times per day. Two of which are playtimes.

I have two or more dogs. Can they stay together?
Yes, our facility has several sizes of dog suites, including a suite with a connecting door for larger families.

Can I bring bedding, toys and treats for my pet?
Yes, you can bring labeled bedding, toys and treats. However, we do provide these items during your pet's stay. Rawhides will not be accepted. Please do not bring valuable or irreplaceable items as they may become soiled or separated from your pet during the stay.

Do I need to bring my pet's own food?
We provide a choice of Pedigree or Iams adult dog food. However, you can bring your pet's food in a labeled, sealable plastic container. Providing your own food may prevent any stomach upset and possible diarrhea caused by switching foods.

Do you administer medications?
Yes, we will administer medications. All medications must be clearly labeled. We do not give shots. If your dog has a serious illness or injury we recommend contacting your veterinarian for alternative boarding arrangements.

Can I pick up my dog after business hours?
Appointments may be scheduled outside of our regular office hours for a $15 fee per dog. Based on availability.

What if there is an emergency medical problem?
If there is an illness we will contact you and your veterinarian. If your veterinarian is in the area, we will try to use them. If we are unable to reach you in an emergency, we will seek care that is in the best interest of your pet. Pet owners are responsible for any veterinary costs if medical attention is required.

Is there a chance my pet may come home with fleas?
If fleas and ticks are present, the dog will be treated at the owner's expense before entering the kennel. Since we are located in a rural area, we encourage the use of flea/tick preventative.